Where are you based? Do you do destination weddings?

I am based in Boston, Massachusetts, but I serve New England to NYC and beyond! There are no travel fees involved if your wedding or engagement is in one of these areas. If your event is further away, I am willing to travel with you! My travel fees are just cost.

Do you have a second photographer?

Normally I am the only one shooting. You can check my portfolio section to see how I covered wedding days fully on my own. However, if you would really love to have two photographers at your wedding (maybe you want both the bride and the groom getting ready to be documented and they are getting ready in different locations far away from each other), you are welcome to get in touch with me!  I can work on it and add a second shooter to your package chosen.

What is the “online gallery” mentioned in the packages?

It is a private, password-protected section on my web-site with all your wedding day images. You may share the password with your friends and family so that they can view the photographs. In addition, it is a shopping-cart that allows you (as well as anybody you’ve given the password to) to order prints and additional album prints online.

Can you hold a date for us?

I am very sorry but I only hold dates with a signed contract and a retainer (30% of the full amount). Once you’ve signed the contract and paid the retainer, I turn down any other inquiries for your date. So this is first come/first served basis.

Can you stay longer than you were scheduled on our wedding day?

Of course I can. There is an overtime rate and it only starts to be effective if you’ve approved and asked me to stay longer.

When do we get our pictures?

You will receive a password to an online gallery within 4 weeks of your wedding date.

How many images will we get?

The number of images depends on many things: the length of coverage (sometimes I photograph 2-day weddings!), number of guests etc. The average is about 800 photographs an event.

Do you edit all of the wedding day photographs?

I do! First I go through all your wedding day pictures and choose the best ones (we call it “culling” in photography). Then every chosen image is carefully hand-edited.

How does it work with an album?

When you select the images you want to see in your wedding album, I will design an album for you. You will be given a link to preview your album design. Once you approve it, I will assist you in choosing the material for the cover, type of pages, color style etc. Please, make sure you do your album selections within a year of your wedding date. In a year there are additional fees involved due to the yearly increase in production costs of albums.

What is a Day-After photo session? Is it worth it?

A Day-After session is a photo shoot that takes place after your wedding day, not necessarily on the very next day after it.  And it is absolutely worth it. So often on the wedding day everything falls behind schedule and the first thing that suffers is couple portrait time. This is absolutely fine with me, as I enjoy documenting the event the way it is, but you might really want to have a lot of those creative images with only two of you enjoying your moments. That is why some people choose to have this session after their wedding in a stress-free atmosphere. It is also a great chance to have a trash the dress session if you have always dreamt of one!

Your question is not here? Please, get in touch. I will be glad to help you!