Hi, I am Marina.

Most days you can find me taking care of my two little kids and my best friend (=husband). I ❤️ serving the world by freezing time and documenting the real moments happening in people's lives, those moments that gain meaning especially once they are lived through. I am mostly known as a family and wedding lifestyle photographer and entrepreneur. The things I'm most passionate about in life are traveling the world, winter sports ⛷⛸, water sports , yoga, chocolate , balloons and theme parks. Love trumps hate, real-life trumps perfect, and a day with family and friends trumps any day spent alone.

5 Facts about me.

1. I was born in Leningrad, a city which doesn’t exist anymore, in the USSR, a country which doesn’t exist anymore either.

2. The name of the city my son was born in starts with an apostrophe. He was born in ‘s-Gravenhage, which is the old name for the Hague. By the way, I lived in the Netherlands for 2.5 years and this tiny neat country played an important role in my life: I fell in love, got my Business degree and gave birth there!

3. I love Yoga. This is the thing which helps me to keep my back healthy after carrying all that nice equipment for 10 hours or longer.

4. I love discovering new cultures and new countries. I am always planning a trip, whether it is a family vacation or a destination wedding. One of my biggest fears my life won’t be enough to visit all countries in the world.

5. It was raining on the day of my own wedding! And guess what? It didn’t spoil the fun! Trust me. I have been there on a rainy day, as a bride, and as a photographer:)