Milutsa Wedding Gown is a unique dress maker in the Bay Area. She specializes in corset making and couture embellishments on a customized basis. I have been working with Milutsa Wedding Gown for almost 2 years and she has been constantly providing my brides with their dream dresses, beautiful, glamorous and utterly unique custom made gowns that made them cry of joy. 

Here are some things to consider when you are looking for your perfect dressmaker in the Bay Area.

  1. Price.   What is included into the price? Is fabric included? Are fittings included? 
  2. Fittings. How many fittings will it take? How far in advance do you need to reserve them?
  3. Headpieces and underwear. Is the dressmaker you chose capable of making beautiful headpieces from the same fabric the dress is made from? Or maybe they are even capable of offering you special undergarment which will be a perfect fit for your custom made dress.
  4. Being on the same page. Your dressmaker should be empathetic to your dreams, but honest enough to tell you what will work best for your figure type and what fabric will work or won’t work for the chosen gown type.  S/he should listen to what the dress you imagined looks like, have a look at a Pinterest board of the dresses you like (if you created one), but offer his/her trusted advise.