Marina Baklanova Photography: Blog en-us Marina Baklanova Photography [email protected] (Marina Baklanova Photography) Thu, 04 Jun 2020 12:28:00 GMT Thu, 04 Jun 2020 12:28:00 GMT Marina Baklanova Photography: Blog 90 120 Kids Virtual Photography Camp

Marina Baklanova Photography is so excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for our Summer Photography Program! This is a new program tailored specifically for kids ages 6-9.

We offer the following options:

  • An intensive 2-week course (with everyday classes).  June 22 - July 3 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 9 am and 1:45 pm ( 2 Zoom meetings every day). $250 USD
  • An intensive 2-week course (with everyday classes). July 6- July 17 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 9 am and 1:45 pm (2 Zoom meetings everyday). $250 USD
  • A regular 5-week course (with classes twice a week). June 22 - July 24 on Mondays and Wednesdays at 11 am and 3 pm (2 Zoom meetings on each of the days).  $250 USD

​​​​​​​I will be the one teaching both, and 50% of the time will be spent on discussing the students’ photos, the results of their photo projects and scavenger hunts, and ways to improve their skills. The kids are welcome to use phone cameras or iPads (no need to own a DSLR).

We only accept 8 kids into each program (to make sure each kid gets the attention and some valuable feedback they deserve)!  To register for the Kids Virtual Photography classes, please, fill out this form









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Commander's Mansion Wedding | Watertown, Massachusetts Oliver and Eileen got married on a clear September day in a historic mansion in Watertown, MA.


Grandma seeing the Bride for the first time:


And then the Bride and Groom first look took place - a modern tradition, a moment when a couple sees each other for the first time on their wedding day (before the ceremony). Oliver and Eileen were pretty emotional:



Beautiful land Commander's Mansion stands upon offers a variety of backdrops including a  picturesque grape arbor.  


Ceremony was held right on the beautiful grounds.


The reception was in a tent. 


Just look at these glowing newlyweds! 

And then, truly, there are no words to describe all the fun that followed. Thanks God, there are photos!


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Boston Lenox Hotel Wedding | Downtown Boston Wedding Cecilia and Mark celebrated their Big Day at one of the most luxurious wedding venues - the Lenox Hotel located right in the heart of Boston. 

Their ceremony was held at absolutely stunning Saint Cecilia Church. 

They got married on November 2, so we decided it was a great idea to incorporate some fall color into their photographs.

Capturing some city character was a must, too!

As well as all their EMOTIONS!

Cecilia and Mark's reception's location was The Lenox Hotel's legendary Dome Room with its elegant design and exquisite details.


The Lenox Hotel's deck is a perfect place for pictures, especially at sunset! Boston skylight is your backdrop! What can be more amazing than THAT?

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Downtown Boston Wedding | Boston Public Garden ceremony What an incredible intimate wedding I had a pleasure of photographing in Boston! Reggie and Raina started celebrating at their apartment in Boston, and then walked to the Boston Public Garden to say their vows right by the pond in front of their friends and family! So many laughs, smiles and happy tears!

[email protected] (Marina Baklanova Photography) . Boston Public Garden wedding Boston wedding photographer Boston wedding photos Fri, 12 Apr 2019 21:51:12 GMT
Newport wedding photography| Rhode Island Ocean Cliff wedding Catherine and Andrew's wedding day started off with a foggy morning which gave way to a beautiful cloudy afternoon. Forty 1° North in historic Newport was a getting ready location, while Ocean Cliff with spectacular ocean views was chosen as a ceremony and a reception venue. 

Catherine and Andrew chose to have a first touch instead of a first look. Each of them were around a corner of a door, but they held hands and talked, and... that was one of the most emotional and touchy scenes I have ever witnessed.


  They both got  tears in their eyes right before walking down the aisle, too!


How magical is that to exchange your vows at a waterfront estate overlooking sparkling Atlantic waters? 


If you'd love Marina Baklanova Photography to document your wedding in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine or Vermont, please get in touch soon! We are now booking 2019 and 2020. 

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Boston Surprise Proposal | Acorn street and Boston Common engagement photos First week of April 2018 turned out to be pretty snowy and rainy in New England. On the day Justin was planning to pop a question I was closely watching how much snow and rain we are getting .... Amazingly,  the weather cleared up just in time for these two loving souls... and they had their magical moment in some last sun rays,and I was honored to document it. She had NO idea .... and she was SO emotional...  It makes my heart incredibly happy when I see how much love there is in their eyes. Congratulations, Justin and Kristina!!

If you would like to book Marina Baklanova Photography to document your surprise proposal, please  contact  us ASAP.  I serve Boston, Massachusetts, as well as the surrounding states of Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut. 

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InterContinental Boston Wedding | Caitlin & Richard Caitlin & Richard decided to have their wedding ceremony at  Saint Irene’s Church in Carlisle. It was followed by a reception that took place right in the heart of Boston at InterContinental Hotel . We got to do some beautiful portraits on the waterfront at sunset. Here's a few of my favorite photos from their wedding.

InterContinental Hotel ballroom the party was at, was overlooking the Boston Tea Party Ships through floor-to-ceiling windows

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Interview in Boston Voyager Magazine I am very humbled and honored to have been interviewed by a local magazine featuring thought-provoking Boston artists and entrepreneurs. We talk a little bit about how I started and discuss the role of a photographer in the modern world.

Image credit: Kate Crabtree

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Spruce Point Inn Wedding| Boothbay Harbor, Maine Spruce Point Inn in Boothbay Harbor, Maine is an ocean side resort, providing a perfect setting for a destination wedding in New England. Mike and Rachel tied the knot there last June on a clear sunny day with a breathtakingly beautiful sunset.


Maine-wedding-photographer39Maine-wedding-photographer39 Maine-wedding-photographer03Maine-wedding-photographer03 Maine-wedding-photographer02Maine-wedding-photographer02 Maine-wedding-photographer01Maine-wedding-photographer01 Maine-wedding-photographer04Maine-wedding-photographer04


Maine-wedding-photographer06Maine-wedding-photographer06 Maine-wedding-photographer07Maine-wedding-photographer07 Maine-wedding-photographer08Maine-wedding-photographer08 Maine-wedding-photographer10Maine-wedding-photographer10 Maine-wedding-photographer11Maine-wedding-photographer11 Maine-wedding-photographer12Maine-wedding-photographer12 Maine-wedding-photographer13Maine-wedding-photographer13 Maine-wedding-photographer14Maine-wedding-photographer14

Maine-wedding-photographer05Maine-wedding-photographer05 Maine-wedding-photographer15Maine-wedding-photographer15 Maine-wedding-photographer16Maine-wedding-photographer16 Maine-wedding-photographer17Maine-wedding-photographer17 Maine-wedding-photographer18Maine-wedding-photographer18 Maine-wedding-photographer19Maine-wedding-photographer19 Maine-wedding-photographer20Maine-wedding-photographer20 Maine-wedding-photographer21Maine-wedding-photographer21 Maine-wedding-photographer22Maine-wedding-photographer22 Maine-wedding-photographer23Maine-wedding-photographer23 Maine-wedding-photographer24Maine-wedding-photographer24 Maine-wedding-photographer25Maine-wedding-photographer25 Maine-wedding-photographer26Maine-wedding-photographer26 Maine-wedding-photographer27Maine-wedding-photographer27 Maine-wedding-photographer28Maine-wedding-photographer28 Maine-wedding-photographer29Maine-wedding-photographer29 Maine-wedding-photographer30Maine-wedding-photographer30 Maine-wedding-photographer31Maine-wedding-photographer31 Maine-wedding-photographer32Maine-wedding-photographer32 Maine-wedding-photographer33Maine-wedding-photographer33 Maine-wedding-photographer34Maine-wedding-photographer34 Maine-wedding-photographer35Maine-wedding-photographer35 Maine-wedding-photographer36Maine-wedding-photographer36 Maine-wedding-photographer38Maine-wedding-photographer38

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Venue Highlights Spruce Point Inn
Maximum Capacity 250
Guest Minimum 50
Event Spaces 5
Type Historic, Ballroom,Inn, Oceanfront
Style Covered Outdoor, Indoor, Uncovered Outdoor
Fee Starts from $2000
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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Fairmont Copley Plaza Wedding Historic Copley Plaza in downtown Boston is home to Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel, where Olga and Ryan decided to celebrate their Special Day.

Boston-FairmontBoston-Fairmont fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding03fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding03 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding38fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding38 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding49fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding49 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding-bostonfairmont-copley-plaza-wedding-boston Having get ready, they went to Saint Cecilia Parish to tie the knot.


fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding11fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding11 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding12fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding12 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding13fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding13 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding17fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding17 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding19fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding19 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding22fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding22 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding28fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding28 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding29fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding29 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding31fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding31

Boston Public Garden was chosen as a backdrop for some outdoor portraits.

  fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding42fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding42 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding44fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding44 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding40fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding40

Then we continued to take a few photos right in front of the Boston Public Library. I loved how relaxed and outgoing the newlyweds were  - they were eagerly sharing their happiness to everybody passing by! 

fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding47fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding47 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding48fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding48 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding113 (2)fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding113 (2) fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding114fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding114 fairmont-copley-plaza-weddingfairmont-copley-plaza-wedding fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding50fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding50

Back to Fairmont Copley Plaza crystal chandeliers, breathtakingly high ceilings, mirrors and elegant columns that make for a very special atmosphere.

fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding52fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding52 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding54fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding54 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding55fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding55 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding62fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding62 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding64fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding64 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding71fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding71 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding76fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding76 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding79fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding79 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding80fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding80 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding82fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding82 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding83fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding83 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding84fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding84 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding85fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding85 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding86fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding86 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding89fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding89 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding93fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding93 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding95fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding95 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding96fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding96 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding98fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding98 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding99fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding99 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding100fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding100 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding102fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding102 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding106fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding106 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding107fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding107 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding108fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding108 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding109fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding109 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding111fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding111 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding112fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding112 fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding113fairmont-copley-plaza-wedding113  


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Baptism at Romanian Orthodox Church of Boston | Wakefield, MA I am so honored to have been asked to document a 10-week-boy following his family tradition and welcomed in to Orthodox church.  Closest friends and family were swooning over this little guy! What not to swoon about? He was so handsome and incredibly cute. The family was radiating happiness and harmony. Here is the slide show. Baptism138Baptism138


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Boston City Hall Wedding| Acorn st, Boston Public Library, Liberty Hotel, Prudential Tower Sunny and Saba got married on the last day of March. Well... you never know what the weather will be like in Boston end of March. It happened to snow and rain on that day. However these two knew how to keep hearts warm on this cold New England Day.

Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring SS-47SS-47 Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring SS-162SS-162 Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring SS-221SS-221 Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring Wedding rings + Engagement ring

Congratulations Sunny and Saba! I had a lot of fun photographing your Boston City Hall wedding:)

[email protected] (Marina Baklanova Photography) Acorn street photo session Acorn street wedding photos Boston Indian bride Boston Public Library Boston Public Library wedding portraits Boston city hall Boston city hall wedding Boston public library photo session Boston public library wedding Boston wedding Liberty hotel Liberty hotel wedding Liberty hotel wedding photos Prudential Prudential tower wedding Prudential tower wedding photo shoot Prudential tower wedding portraits photo session" tower Tue, 02 May 2017 17:07:50 GMT
The Bridges San Ramon Wedding Before I met Irma and Amel I used to think parents know nothing about a good match. Well, Irma and Amel's love story is a living proof of the opposite!!

They met at school and didn't think much of each other. Their moms were friends, however.  Finished school and both relocated. Once Amel's mother came across Irma outside and invited her over! That was when the young people saw each other again and fell in love.

I had an honor of documenting Amel and Irma's wedding this past March, and I have to say they did a great job getting ready for this big event, considering the fact they both work a lot! Thank you for being such a loving, elegant and energetic couple. May your life together be full of sun and happiness, just like your wedding day:)



[email protected] (Marina Baklanova Photography) Bay Area Wedding Photography Bollinger Canyon Waterfalls Golf club wedding San Francisco wedding photographer the Bridges wedding photography the Bridges wedding photos Mon, 01 Aug 2016 06:25:20 GMT
UC Berkeley Campus Engagement Session- Cheeseboard, UC Library, Lawrence Hall of Science

This exciting love story started at UC Berkeley.

In HER own words "We met at Cal in a freshman seminar course on consciousness that was largely unimpressionable except for the fact that it brought us together on a campus of 40,000 undergrads. He noticed my hoop earrings and I just thought he was cute! A brief conversation after class one day sparked the beginning of a friendship that grew throughout college and lasted into grad school.

He proposed the day after I returned home from a two week trip to Nepal in which I was caught in the first major earthquake. In the midst of half-opened suitcases and reeling emotions, he offered this little ray of light and love that helped guide me back home."

No wonder UC Berkeley campus was the location chosen for their  engagement session. It was a walk down memory lane - we visited all places that hold a special meaning for this couple. Having started at Gourmet Ghetto where they used to go to Cheeseboard Bakery we then stopped at the UC Berkeley campus library. After that we recreated their first meeting at the exact classroom they first met and finally went up to lookout point near Lawrence Hall of Science where they used to sit and enjoy the view together.

[email protected] (Marina Baklanova Photography) Bay Area Wedding Photography Berkeley engagement photographer East Bay wedding photography UC Berkeley Engagement photos UC Berkeley campus engagement photos UC Berkeley engagement session campanile engagement photos cheeseboard engagement session Thu, 30 Jun 2016 07:45:00 GMT
Chouinard winery wedding - Bay Area Wedding Photography This couple had their ceremony at a cosy winery-lined garden site at Chouinard winery nestled in the hills just east of the San Francisco Bay. What a beautiful setting for a wedding! And what touching and powerful moments occurred there...

[email protected] (Marina Baklanova Photography) Bay Area Wedding Photography East Bay wedding photography SF wedding photography San Francisco wedding photographer Winery wedding Sat, 19 Mar 2016 05:29:26 GMT
Walnut Creek Family Photography We had a blast with Sophie and Jennifer on one cloudy day in December at Walnut Creek. This 3-year-old has a whole lot of energy in her! Loved chasing her and capturing these candid emotions!!


[email protected] (Marina Baklanova Photography) Heather Farms photo shoot Walnut Creek family photographer east bay family photography heather farms family photo session Sun, 24 Jan 2016 06:46:28 GMT
Swedenborgian Church Wedding - San Francisco wedding photography This candid and intimate wedding celebration took place at Swedenborgian church in San Francisco. I just love shooting there - it is a unique venue right in the heart of SF with a rustic fairy tale charm.

Kate and Jose seem to bring out the best in each other and I was honored to document their love!

In their own words: "Marina really works with you to make shots you didn't know you wanted. Our engagement shoot was just perfect and neither me nor my husband are photogenic in the least and we both hate having our photos taken, but she was so good about not forcing us to pose with stupid smiles but instead just letting us be natural and calm and she made us look great! She made our wedding look incredible too".


[email protected] (Marina Baklanova Photography) Bay Area Wedding Photography San Francisco Wedding Photography Swedenborgian Church Wedding photography Swedenborgian church wedding Swedenborgian church wedding photographer Fri, 15 Jan 2016 17:09:55 GMT
CuriOdyssey Wedding - San Mateo - California wedding photography Dana and Ian were so much fun to work with. Actually these guys know how to have FUN - they chose CuriOdyssey as their wedding venue and celebrated their Big Day together with their family, friends, otters and foxes!! How cool is that?  Their wedding pictures are corky and  full of love and emotions! Thank You for having me guys! I wish you countless sweet years together and a wonderful honeymoon in Bahamas!

Here is the slideshow of the wedding images.


[email protected] (Marina Baklanova Photography) Bay Area Wedding Photography CuriOdyssey wedding photo San Francisco Engagement photographer San Francisco Wedding Photography Wed, 14 Oct 2015 08:02:54 GMT
UC Berkeley Family Session I just loooove doing photo shoots at meaningful locations! This family chose UC Berkeley Campus as their session location, because the husband worked there. In addition, this is a very beautiful location that gives a variety of unique backgrounds!  Enjoy!


[email protected] (Marina Baklanova Photography) Berkeley Family Photographer Berkeley Lifestyle Family Session East Bay Family Photography UC Berkeley photographer Mon, 14 Sep 2015 22:33:44 GMT
Coyote Ranch Wedding I had the pleasure of photographing Audria and Cade's wedding at Coyote Ranch last weekend! They chose not to see each other up until the ceremony and it was so sweet to see Cade's reaction when he saw his bride coming down the aisle. One of my favorite moments at this wedding was the first dance (so intimate and romantic), as well as mom-and-son and dad-and-daughter dances... So soul stirring... Congratulations again, Audria&Cade!






[email protected] (Marina Baklanova Photography) Bay Area Wedding Photography Coyote Ranch wedding Coyote Ranch wedding photographer San Francisco Wedding Photography Mon, 31 Aug 2015 04:00:34 GMT
Oakland Engagement Shoot: Lisa+Jason They met at Dogwood, an atmospheric bar at the Uptown, they laughed and smiled the entire time and never separated since then. She knew it was Him, and he knew it was Her.  They are still frequent patrons of this place. Now when they live just down the street in Oakland, this whole area with The Fox Theatre, Telegraph avenue and of course the bar they met at  have a lot of meaning for both of them.  I was thrilled to spend more time with this wonderful couple, walk along Telegraph and recreate their first date at Dogwood. 



[email protected] (Marina Baklanova Photography) . Bay Area Wedding Photography Fox Theatre Engagement Shoot Oakland Engagement Shoot San Francisco Engagement photographer San Francisco wedding photographer Fri, 14 Aug 2015 03:14:03 GMT
Botanical Garden & De Young Museum - Engagement Session Kate and Jose chose Golden Gate park for their engagement photo session. What a variety of back drops this place offers!! Awesome weather, gorgeous backgrounds and a super fun relaxed couple make for a stunning  photo shoot!  Can't wait to hang out with you guys again in September 2015:)


[email protected] (Marina Baklanova Photography) Golden Gate Park Engagement Photographer Bay Area Engagement Photographer Bay Area Wedding Photography De Young museum engagement Golden Gate Park Engagement Golden Gate Park Engagement photos San Francisco Botanical garden engagement San Francisco Engagement photographer San Francisco Wedding Photography botanical garden engagement Tue, 21 Apr 2015 20:39:00 GMT
San Francisco Peninsula Wedding in Palo Alto Ksenia + Stanislav

Date | 02.14.15

Ceremony and Reception Location | Woman's Club of Palo Alto

Photography | Marina Baklanova Photography


[email protected] (Marina Baklanova Photography) Bay Area Wedding Photography Palo Alto Woman's Club Wedding San Francisco Wedding Photography San Francisco wedding photographer weddings Sat, 14 Mar 2015 02:51:18 GMT
San Francisco City Hall Wedding - Bay Area Wedding Photography Masha+Steve

Date | 01.02.15

Ceremony Location | San Francisco City Hall

Reception Location | Espetus Churrascaria Brazilian Steak House

Photography | Marina Baklanova Photography 

[email protected] (Marina Baklanova Photography) Bay Area Wedding Photography San Francisco City Hall Wedding San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography San Francisco Wedding Photography San Francisco wedding photographer weddings Thu, 15 Jan 2015 21:35:08 GMT
Serbian Orthodox Wedding - San Francisco Wedding Photography Adrijana+Nedjo

Date | 11.15.14

Ceremony and Reception Location | Saint John the Baptist Serbian Orthodox Church in San Francisco

Creative Portraits Location | Palace of Fine Arts

Photography | Marina Baklanova Photography 





[email protected] (Marina Baklanova Photography) Bay Area Wedding Photography San Francisco Wedding Photography San Francisco wedding photographer Serbian wedding weddings Tue, 06 Jan 2015 23:43:32 GMT
Destination Wedding in Oaxaca, Mexico - Bay Area Wedding Photographer Gabriela+Martin

Date | 10.18.14

Ceremony and Reception location | Hotel Hacienda Los Laureles

Wedding planner | Equis-O eventos

Photography | Marina Baklanova Photography

[email protected] (Marina Baklanova Photography) Bay Area Wedding Photography San Francisco wedding photographer destination wedding weddings Fri, 19 Dec 2014 06:43:28 GMT